Kromnix, the First Tech Hub with automatic RFP platform connecting Alternative Tech Providers in Europe with Corporate Buyers.

“OMNI” refers to omnichannel & transversal solutions, while “IX” refers to the matrix of technologies.

Our Mission
To promote Alternative Tech Solutions in Europe
for Corporate Buyers.


More visibility to Alternative Tech Providers!

Besides promoting innovative solutions, we also take into consideration user privacy, data security, CSR and green initiatives of each player, developing a worklife balance in the midst of technological environment.

Founders of Kromnix

Made for Alternative
Tech Providers in Europe

We develop awareness of innovative
Tech Providers to Startups & SMEs,
and make them stand out
from Tech Leaders.

Made with
Corporate Buyers

We work closely with Buyers to
understand their needs, process,
constraints and criteria when
selecting Tech Providers.

Simply, Made in Europe.

Join our First Alternative
Tech Hub in Europe

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Inspiring Leaders to Energize Your Tech Solutions

Stephany Gochuico
Based in Paris

Founder & Tech Innovation Evangelist of Kromnix.

Stephany holds 3 diplomas:

– MBA in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce, graduated as
“Class Valedictorian” from Institut Léonard de Vinci (Paris, France),

– Associate of Arts in Communication and Design from University of
the Nations (Melbourne, Australia),

– Bachelor of Science in Computer Science specialized in Computer Technology from De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines).

Stephany has nearly 25 years of extensive international experience and
expertise in 360 marketing, global business strategies, partnerships and
project management for distinguished startups, as well as multinational
group companies (ACER, Accenture, Saint Gobain, Artelia, Linxens,…).

Stephany accompanies Tech Providers in transforming their technological
solutions in a highly creative manner for the B2B market.

Xavier Pierens
Based in Paris

Co-founder & Innovation Ambassador for Europe.

Xavier holds 2 diplomas:

– MBA in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce with “High Honors” from
Institut Léonard de Vinci (Paris, France),

– Master in Advertising from Institut Sup de Pub, INSEEC Group (Paris,

Design Thinking and Agile Methods Expert, and Certified Product
Owner, Xavier has nearly 20 years of experience in communications, 360
marketing, social media, acquisition strategies, and project management
for several SMEs, as well as multinational group companies (PUBLICIS
Group, WPP Group, FORD, Carrefour,…).

With solid Agency experience, Xavier accompanies creators of SMEs in
enhancing their User Experience and Value Added services of the tech-
nology for the B2C market.