1. Submit your RFP by Self-service

Submit your RFP on Kromnix platform in a few clicks.

€100/ RPF Submission
(free for 3 months then pay as you need)

Free for 3 months
     – Your company must have a VAT registered number.
     – You can be a Buyer from anywhere in the world.
Hide your identity with Submit your RFP anonymously.
Your identity is only visible for Kromnix Consultants.
The EasyRFP enables you to submit your RFP to
several tech providers all together
You can filter with several criteria
Your dashboard allows you to exchange with
several tech providers
No fee from Kromnix. Your business agreement with
the selected Tech Provider stays private between you.

2. Choose 100% Assistance for RFP submission

Our Consultant will manage your customized RFP from A-to-Z.

3. Join Tech Events for Free

Join Tech Events for FREE and discover different innovate European solutions that will
meet your specific needs and requirements.